The SMYOC Choral Program is committed to providing opportunities for young talented singers in the tri-county area to experience the transformative power of vocal music.

There are two-tiers to the Choral Program.

  • The Preparatory Choir is a beginning to intermediate level choir for singers aged 8 and up with little or no choral background but clear music potential.
  • The Youth Choir is an advanced group for more experienced and developed singers, middle school through high school.

Singers with advanced skills for their age, but who are below the ages for each group shown above, may be considered at the discretion of the Conductor.

Both groups meet once a week and perform several times within a season.

Tuition covers about 40% of the overall costs of running the program, including the cost of music and supplies, rehearsal and concert space rentals, and payment to our Conductors and our staff.

PREPARATORY CHOIR – for singers aged 8 and up with little or no choral experience

  • A beginning to intermediate choir for girls and boys with unchanged voices who have little choral experience but clear potential
  • Membership is through an audition process
  • During the audition, singers will have demonstrated the ability to match pitch and hold their own part when singing a simple two-part harmony
  • Prior choral experience will be helpful, but is not required
  • Rehearsals once per week September through May, 90 minutes each week
  • Treble repertoire from Bach to Broadway, and everything in between!
  • Several performances per season
  • Annual tuition: $275

Singers in the Prep Choir will develop and strengthen foundational skills while learning music in a wide range of engaging styles and moods. Singers will learn songs in two-part and sometimes three-part harmony while also honing a beautiful unison choral sound. Other foundational skills such as note-reading, ear-training, score-reading and basic vocal technique will be developed.

The Prep Choir will make appearances and give performances of different kinds and varying lengths throughout the year. In both the fall and spring seasons, they will prepare for the two major SMYOC season concerts in which they will share the stage with musicians in the SMYOC Orchestra Progam. They will also have the exhilarating experience of collaborating with the orchestra musicians in at least one musical work for chorus and orchestra combined. Other special performance events and appearances in the tri-county area will vary from year to year.

YOUTH CHOIR – for more experienced and developed singers

  • A demanding choir for female and male voices, requiring advanced musical skills that will be taught as a key part of the program
  • Membership is through a rigorous audition process
  • During the audition, singers will have demonstrated an excellent basic vocal technique, basic sight-reading skills, and the ability to sing independently in parts
  • Prior choral experience will be helpful, but is not required
  • SATB repertoire; Bach to Broadway, pop acapella, jazz, classical – varied and rich!
  • Rehearses once per week, September through May, for 2 hours each week
  • Multiple performances per season, including concerts and special events
  • Annual tuition: $275

SingersSingers in the Youth Choir will confront a rich and rigorous program of music-making at a very high level. Repertoire will be diverse and appealing - from classical to modern, world music to the most fun in pop acappella – and will include music in three-four-and five-part harmony, advancing in challenge and sophistication as the group matures. Singers will be expected to learn their music quickly and demonstrate a high degree of dedication toward the ensemble’s success by practicing outside of regular rehearsals. Music theory and basic music history/appreciation will be developed at this level, while the primary focus remains on the artistry of the group’s performance.

The Youth Choir will appear in several concerts throughout the year, including the two major SMYOC season concerts with musicians in the SMYOC Orchestra Program and singers in the Prep Choir, as well as other community outreach and special events in the tri-county area and beyond. Once strongly established, the Youth Choir will have opportunities for participation in choral festivals and competitions, tours, and/or more ambitious collaborative concerts and special events.

Voice lessons / small group voice classes

Members of the Youth Choir may choose to take voice lessons privately or enroll in a group voice class (if there is sufficient interest) for an additional fee. Please speak to one of our Conductors or email if you are interested in pursuing either option.