SMYOC Board of Directors

SMYOC Artistic Staff

  • Julien Benichou, Music Director and Youth Orchestra Conductor
  • Bronte Ficek, Conductor of St. Mary's Choirs (Capella and TrebleMakers)
  • Alicia Sampson, Preparatory Strings Orchestra Conductor
  • Liesl Schiavone, Conductor of Calvert County Choirs (Fermata and Allegro)
  • Matt Schiavone, Pops Director

SMYOC Administrative Staff

SMYOC Volunteers

  • Linda Ward; Volunteer Coordinator and Gala Silent Auction Coordinator
  • Doug Ferm, Photography
  • Lori Ludlow, Photography
  • Peter Tyson, Sound
  • Jim Ward, Website graphics
  • Anita Wilson, Social Media
  • Peter Wilson, Website

SMYOC Group Managers

  • TBD, Manager of Prep Strings Orchestra
  • Laura LandrethManager of Choirs in St. Mary's (TrebleMakers and Capella)
  • Barbara Tyson, Manager of Choirs in Calvert (Allegro and Fermata)
  • Lisa Reid Ragen, Manager of Youth Orchestra (Calvert and Charles County members)
  • Anita Wilson, Manager of Youth Orchestra (St. Mary's County members)

SMYOC Committee Members

  • Founder Julia Nichols, Brian Oakey, Strategic Planning and Governance Committee
  • Founder Julia Nichols, Dave Kung, Liz Price, Fundraising Committee
  • Susan Bisson Lambert, TBD, Recruitment and Marketing Committee
  • Anita Wilson, TBD, Social Committee

SMYOC Advisory Board